Student Teachers


We had a number of English speaking student teachers in recent years. For 12 to 24 hours a week they assist teachers and students in English classes. They do team-teaching, conversation with small groups of only 2 students during Silentium and give little lectures. This seems to be becoming a tradition … 

September 2018: We welcomed Tammy from Seattle at John Lennon School. She was assisting our English teachers for the whole of the school year 2018/2019. We were very delighted and many students were able to meet her in person (in class or outside).





One of our student teachers was was Aidan Regan. He introduced himself with the following words:

“My name is Aidan Regan and I am a 20 year old university student from America. I was raised in Boise, Idaho and now live in Tacoma, Washington where I study German and Religion at the University of Puget Sound. Last September I arrived in Berlin for a year of Deutsch als Fremdsprache courses at Humboldt University. I love the arts (especially music and theater), the outdoors, and writing. I’m interested in teaching as a possible career path and am excited for my time at the John Lennon Gymnasium!”






Luke Westawker was another student teacher.

Luke was especially good at English Debating and helped preparing debates and judging them. Besides doing English, he also gave a helping hand in other subjects. 






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