Englisch Digital

Submitted by lnk on Di, 11/24/2020 - 18:58

English is one of the subjects that uses our computers and Ipads to a great extent. See the photo which shows a group of students in year 12 to write a Klausur with the help of Ipads:

Englisch Klassenraum












In year 7 and 8 it is likely to write "Lernausgangslage" and VERA 8 online. See the photo:

Lernausgangslage 7 Englisch


We use online platforms and tools, we discuss topics with students in other countries like with our Israel partner school or we produce films and podcasts.

Englisch Partnerschulen












Naturally we also develop the students' critical thinking concerning digital sources. To figure out if a piece of news is reliable or fake is something we teach. The use of social media has a lot of potential but fake news have also become a method to stir up and intensify social conflicts. We try to arm our students with the necessary knowledge.




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