"This House believes teachers are not needed any longer in a century of digitalisation." 

This motion might be brought up by the proposition in one of our school debates. This is surely a highly controversial issue, therefore the opposition will stand up and fight against this idea. And this is what debating is all about. Discussing interesting, polarizing questions.

Is Debating good for you?

  • Debating is good for you if you like English and 3 or 5 hours a week are too few for you. You want more!
  • Debating is good for you because it could help you to become excellent at your basic or advanced English course. We do similar topics but dig a bit deeper ;).
  • Debating is good for you if you like discussing issues in English
  • Debating is good for you because nobody counts your mistakes. All that counts is what you say and how convincing you are.
  • Debating is good for you because we need noisy, active classrooms. Students are too often in a passive role. Here you have a chance to be active!
  • Debating is good for you because it is now spreading explosively all over the world, from Saskatchewan to Sudan, from Iraq to India, and everywhere in between as well as here at the John Lennon Gymnasium. 
  • And finally, when you leave school, many of you will explore new places in the world. There are debating teams everywhere and by joining them you can easily make new friends and new connections. 



At our school, every student can decide to do English Debating in years 10 and/or 11.

Year 10: Wahlpflichtkurs Debating in English

Year 11: Zusatzkurs Debating in English

What are you waiting for, sings Nickelback.

Are you waiting for the perfect night?

Are you waiting till the time is right?

                Join our teams now!

Debating seniors

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